I Finally Gave In…

So I finally got a blog.  I didn’t really think I needed one but after attending the DFW Writer’s Conference in Hurst, and after meeting a whole bunch on new people and editors, I am convinced that starting a platform for my writing is a good idea.

For all you writers out there, if you haven’t attended a writing conference of any sort then I HIGHLY recommend it.  Though it does cost a LOT (DFW Writers Conference was $295) it is so very, very worth it.  I made connections not only with other writers but I’ve got the connection to agents which will hopefully give my submissions an edge.

Besides that it’s just plain fun.

For anybody who cares I’m 20, been writing since age 16 and I prefer writing YA Fantasy, though fantasy of any kind and the occasional gritty, real-life short story does escape me.

I won’t be posting super often.  I’ll try to post a couple times

Part of my writing process.

a week but that might change when I go back to school, or job or friends or etc… Oh, and when my brother and I go backpacking for two weeks.

This blog will focus on random musings, writings, and whether or not I happen to have any form of writing out at the moment.


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