Humane Society Needs Help!

As an aspiring vet I feel it my obligation to call attention to the plight of many humane societies in the Mid-Cities area.

If adoption rates don’t go up many Humane Societies are going to have to start putting healthy animals down.  I know adopting a pet is a big responsibility and requires planning, but if you were already thinking about adopting an animal then now is the best time to do it.  

Adoption fees are half off and you will have a loving and caring pet that will last many wonderful years.  The crisis has been averted this week since the Humane Societies called attention to this problem in the newspaper, but many unhappy animals are still in need of good homes.



   Which brings me to the second issue.  Since I work in a vet clinic I can say with certainty that there is no reason to not spay and neuter your pets.  Please do it.  I won’t pretend like it’s not a small investment but the benefits are very worth it.  It ensures that baby puppies and kittens don’t end up like those thousands of other hapless pets in the pound.  Plus, it makes your pet happier and healthier by not exposing it to common diseases.

Totally worth it.


That is all.  I’ll get off my soapbox.



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