FIshing Trip

So I’ve been gone quite a bit.  And by gone I mean sick and when I say sick I mean walking Pneumonia.

For those who have not had Pneumonia of any kind then you should know it is not on my top ten most recommended illnesses.

But I got well enough in time to go on a company-paid-for fishing trip with my mom yesterday.

The gig was that employees of her company got to choose one person to take with them for an almost all expenses paid guided fishing trip for Striper on Lake Texoma.  Pretty sweet deal.


It was about four people to a boat and we had a blast and easily caught our limit of 10 per person.  Unfortunately we were in for a big disappointment.  Our guide, who we thought was pretty awesome at first, informed us that he had received a call from one of the other guides who told him that of the eight boats that went out five had not caught a singe fish.

Well!  Well!  We’re pretty high and mighty!  We caught all of our fish!  We returned to the dock almost an hour before everyone else!


So while we waited our guide regaled us with tales of his youth which happened to involved a lot of fighting.  Him fighting, actually.  All 5’8′ and 140 pounds of him.  Most of these tales involved him getting cornered by two or three huge guys and “smoking” them like Bruce Lee.  This resulted in him getting suspended and requiring his father to punch out the principal.

Pretty cool guide, right?!  A true role model.  But that was all fine and good until the other boats came back.  Not only had they all caught fish, almost all of them had limited out and ALL of them had caught tons of fish THREE TIMES THE SIZE OF OURS.  Apparently the fish we thought were so great were the puny ones, the runts, the fish nerds that fish jocks stuff into fish lockers.

Fantastic.  Which makes me wonder how many other things our guide said were true… Although I do believe he accidentally ignited his cat while trying to kill the fleas on its back.

All in all very fun and I had a fun time with my mom and meeting new people.  But I learned two very important things.  One, the guide could very well be a character for a future story, and two, fish tales aren’t only reserved for fish.

Anybody else have a fishing tale? Don’t worry I won’t check the validity.



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