Canada and Cowboys or How My Summer Met its Demise

Canada!  That great country above us, Little America or Land of the Mounties.  Whatever you call it it’s pretty and neat and full of a bunch of wannabe French people.

I guess it’s like us Americans wanting to act like the British again (our forefathers are rolling in their graves).

The trip was for one week and was very fun.  We ate WAY too much rich food and saw a bunch of beautiful sights.  I guess historical places count as beautiful…

What we got plenty of, thank you very much, were eye rolls when we told people we were from Texas.  There are three separate reactions we got when we told people we were from the Lone Star State.

1) The typical “Where’s your rifle and horse” reaction followed by a sudden loss of interest in us or a lessened demeanor.

2) The “Eh? You’re just like Quebec, eh! We both want to secede!” and a sudden appreciation for us as well as a desire to come back to Texas with us.

3) And finally the not-too-awful-common, “Eh, just another stupid American.  They cannot possibly understand the refined lifestyle we Canadians lead.  May I offer you some cheese and wine?”

All kidding aside most everybody we met was very gracious and kind enough to speak English so we actually knew what we were eating.


And now that’s done and school rears its ugly head.  I’m split between a mixture of anxiety and longing.

My brother is a freshman this year and if he’s nervous then he doesn’t show it.  I’m nervous FOR him.  But he’ll be fine and my parents can use both of our rooms for storage space.


Writing wise I’m typing up a novel I penned last year for kicks.  It’s an experimental piece that I hope to sell one or two of on the Kindle.

After that I’ll finish the other book I’m working on; if I have enough time with school and life.  We’ll see.




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