Beginning the College Life-Year 3. Oh, and Some Stuff on Writing, Too

Got everything moved in.  People met, church went to.  The same things are falling into place.

I’m going to try to make this year different than last.  I feel like you get into a rut when you do something for long enough and if I don’t do something different then I’m gonna go crazy.

It’s good to see friends, old and new.  Finally got to the upper level classes so I hope they’re a mite more interesting than the basics I’ve shoved out of the way.

It is the year of the GRE and boy, I haven’t studied a bit for that.  Making me a bit nervous actually.  I know I’ll be ready for it when it comes but it feels like everything’s happening at once and as if I’ve got to get everything done NOW.

Writing, running, hanging out, working out, ultimate frisbee, reading, backpacking, biking.  My list of stress relievers has grown which is really good.  It’s good to keep switching things up to keep interesting.


Unfortunately that rut has permeated into my writing life.  Since I know this blog was started originally as a writing blog then there has to be something writing-wise, and since I haven’t really finished anything lately then I gotta keep having updates.

I have finished typing up the book I plan to publish via Kindle.  That should be done and ready in a few months.  My other book is going all right.

The problem with the new book arises when I tell myself that it’s not the best.  In school, hobbies and in writing I’d like to be the best.  Who wouldn’t?  Especially since all three are such passions for me and many.

I know the new book is good, at least on ideas, and I know the writing is acceptable.  But that’s the problem.  At the end of it I have this weird feeling that’s there’s something–SOMETHING–that could be better, or is missing.

I suppose that’s part of the writing process and one that will hopefully improve as time goes on.  I don’t want it to be just another YA book on the shelf and yet I can’t put my finger on how to make it stand out.

For now I hope to excel in all categories of my life.


To another year!



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