I Survived! One Week…

Settled in.  Classes done.  Friends met and a whole lotta of dances gone to to meet some new people.  For those of you wondering, I HATE dancing.  Can’t stand it.  That includes any and all forms excluding the dance that involves tripping over your feet a lot and having no sense of rhythm.  I believe they call it the Sean-Trot.

Seems like the start to another good year and I’m coming into this one with a better attitude despite the heavy course load.  I’ve gotta a lot of goals racked up this year.

The apartment is great minus the fact that my roomate and I (I stayed with him last year) seem to be a magnet for living around the loudest, most obnoxious people in Stephenville.  It doesn’t matter if there’s only a small group of them, they find us.

Maybe it’s because we’re so quiet and the loud people feel that that’s throwing the world out of balance.

Anyway, apartment is about thirty times nicer and bigger (and more expensive…) than last years.  And the pool is dominated by Frat boys.  I believe I’ll steer clear and let them flex their muscles to the girls they think are watching from their windows.


Yes, writing has taken a much better turn.  With the onset of school I have to actually use my brain and this has translated to an improvment in my new book. Or, maybe it’s because all the other crap I am forced to write for classes is so boring that my poor mind will readily accept any form of hashed together literature thrown at it.

Either way, it’s better!

I’ve also done a lot of analysis of other author’s books and managed to convice myself, whether deluded or not, that mine cannot be all that bad.  Right?  RIGHT?

Meh, maybe I’ll stick to school…


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