Heh heh–So….

Been a while.  Like a long while.  Like three weeks, I think.  I’ve lost count.


But in my defense I’ve been super busy, I’m not the world’s best blogger and there’s not much writing to talk about when I’m still just working on the book.  Mainly the subplots since I’ve always thought that’s been my weakest point.


Four weeks into school and first round of tests over.  This one was a tie.  Equal good and bad grades though I have to say O Chem takes the cake on the most annoying, frustrating and downright useless class I have taken in my entire life.


Honestly, half the time my teacher says, “and the reason we do it this way is because the people who discovered it had nothing better to do,”

Well I have something, anything, better to do.


Oh well, I hope something changes soon.

I’m 21 today.  Did I mention that?  It’s honestly not as big a deal as it once was.  Once upon a time it use to be that the universe bowed to this one day and now I really don’t want it to come by at all.  I don’t like all the attention and honestly I can’t ever think of gifts I want when the time rolls around.
I think I’m having an early life crisis.  21 is too young to do that.


Here’s to birthdays and botched tests, four weeks in and many to go.




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