On the Tarleton Outdoor Experience

So if any of you know anything of Tarleton State University you can probably guess that the above statement could be considered an oxymoron, maybe even a tongue in cheek.

Don’t get me wrong, Tarleton has beautiful rolling hills and countrysides and is a great small school that meets my needs.  It just has one massive character flaw:

It’s in the middle of nowhere.

This year in particular I have really branched out and started going to as many outdoor places as I possibly could.  Most of these have been met with success. Some, not so much.

The first trip I went on was to Mineral Wells with some friends: Note: I didn’t get my camera until later in the year (from my awesome parents) and even though I had my camera I still haven’t gotten in the habit of taking pictures.  All the picture taking genes are with my brother.

Hiking in for one night with some friends. It did get uncomfortably cold.

 UTA Wesley sponsored a camping trip shortly after this.  Also in Mineral Wells.  I have thoroughly exhausted this state park.  I’ve been there over five times the last two years.  The park doesn’t get any bigger!

It wasn’t quite what I expected but we still had fun. I don’t think I’m going to find any backpacking in Texas, seeing how we don’t really have any mountains to speak of.  I don’t count the Guadalupe’s since they’re out of driving range for me.

And finally I just went on an overnight trip to LBJ National Grasslands.  The Grasslands themselves were quite beautiful though on my part I failed to do my homework on the park.  The trails were all sand and it poured rain the next morning.

The Grasslands at sunset. Just down the trail from where we camped.

    The sand didn’t make the walk any easier.  The rain packed it together the next morning which was better for the hike out.

Get your fluids and vegetables in one sip! We did have to pack all of our water in so you can imagine how heavy that became.  And no, I didn’t take the dare to drink the water.  I do have limits.


Despite that we had a blast and had an easy hike in followed by smores and camp camaraderie.  Lots of fun.

The trips I’ve done by myself was when I did not have a camera yet.  They include overnight backpacking at Enchanted Rock, solo backpacking at Mineral Wells, Meridian State Park and Dinosaur Valley. 

I hope to squeeze in Colorado Bend State Park before the end of the semester but classes and cold might prohibit me.

Hope all are well,


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