Shameless Self Promotion Time! My New Book.

That’s right!  I leave for a while and then come back with a book.

It’s called Chasing Autumn and has been published in Amazon Kindle for $2.99.

Here’s a teaser:


You have to promise not to tell my parents what really happened to me.  They’re still in shock from when I ran away.  See, I had to go.  I had to find out where my brother went.  He ran away when I was younger.  My parents told me he never existed, but I knew better.  That was before I found the letters.

I’m still alive, although I probably shouldn’t be.  My parents don’t need to know that I jumped off a train, or got chased by a bear.  They definitely don’t need to know I hitchhiked or was kidnapped.  If they knew all that it might break their hearts.  Well, more than I already did.

So you can’t tell them after you read this.  Promise?


A relatively short read.  Feel free to give feedback.  That’s what I’m looking for.





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