A Long, Long Time Ago…

I made a post on this blog.

It’s been a while! I’m not sure how long and frankly I don’t want to look.  I have been busy with so many things and a few more things came up so I’ll get right to the gritty basics of what’s going on:

1. Still coming off of a knee injury:

I screwed up both of my knees last year and am still recovering from them.  What happened? Good question. Though I suppose most of the blame would be on overtraining, too much too soon and the like. As of right now my knees still aren’t tracking properly and I’m working hard to get them working before summer hiking.

Moral: Don’t be an idiot. I was stupid with training and didn’t listen to my body. Do so, listen to your body. DO IT!

2. School is still in full swing:

This is whether I want it to be or not. I’ve been gone so long though that it’s almost done for the summer. Yep, school. Not much more to say.


3. My other book:

So after my shameless Chasing Autumn kindle book self-promotion I went back to work on another YA book. I just finished the first edit though it is far from over. I consider the first time I retype all the changes onto the computer first edit. Then there’s second edit, second read through, second breakfast, Linner, dinner and midnight snack.

Moral: My book Chasing Autumn is still available on Kindle. My other book is in the oven. I am unsure if that’s the proper analogy for a book or for children.

4. That’s it!  I’ll try to do more updates. Depending on how my summer goes I might be making many more updates.


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