Passin’ Through the Neighborhood

Obviously I made some changes to the blog. Since I did that I felt obligated to actually post something on it.

I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m supposed to do here.


Yes, I am writing. Mostly for school. Mostly boring stuff like research papers, my resume(like I’ll ever use that) and other writings dealing with my major.

In other words, stuff that is useful and therefore not very fun.

But I’m doing it anyway. On the novel front, I’ve finally finished the first electronic edit of my book and have handed it off to a friend to be reviewed by fresh eyes. Heaven help them.

And I’m soon going to start( if school finals ever back off) on writing another first person book similar to my Chasing Autumn book I have in the Kindle store.

Yeah, you saw that self-promotion there. Pretty sly right?

I’ll get back to you with updates on the novel if my reader doesn’t claw her eyes out and burn it. Let’s hope not.

On another writerly note: James Patterson.

What about him, you ask? Well, it just so happens that my college town has a library. Crazy, I know; but believe it or not this library contains books and I noticed a large majority of those books are by James Patterson.

A whole lot. Like, James-Patterson-uses-this-library-as-his-own-personal-book-basement a lot of Patterson books.

I was curious as to how Patterson had so many books, and found that in 2012 he published 12 books and made over 80 million dollars.

80 million. Dollars.

Apparently Patterson didn’t get the memo about being a starving artist.  Incredible.

Now, I’ve read all of the Maximum Ride books and I highly recommend everyone do so (except for the Final Warning. Don’t read that one. Just don’t.) and I really like his style.

BUT! I found that Patterson doesn’t really write all of his books. Sure, he outlines them and reviews them, but the actual writing gets done by one of his colleagues.

Now it’s not as bad as I’m making it sound, and as someone unpublished I can’t really complain too much, but writing is fun. Like really fun. It’s a joy to look at something you just spent months working on and realize that every word, every victory, every flaw was and is yours.

I have the utmost respect for James Patterson and he is an inspiration to me, but I feel like he’s become detached and more focused on the money of the industry than actually writing.

Your thoughts?



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