Book Review #2

An actual post only about reviewing a book? What is the world coming to?!

Here’s the down and dirty. Bought some books. Read them. Reviewing them. Ta da! Logic.

#1- Strange Angels—Lili St. Crow.

I’ll say right from the start, this book tricked me. It was a little misleading in its description (more on that later) and I actually thought it was a different genre (my fault).

                  I’ll try not to reveal any spoilers. Dru Anderson and her father hunt supernatural things like ghosts and goblins. Cool, I’m interested since this is similar to a book I wanted to write years from now. Her dad is killed and now the supernatural world wants her dead for some reason. Thus, our story begins.

Doesn’t sound too bad, and it isn’t.

The Good:

  • The main character, Dru Anderson, is described as a knife throwing, no nonsense tough girl who can take care of her self. And for the most part that holds true. She’s actually not useless (a la Bella from Twilight, though I swear I haven’t read those books). She wields weapons and kills stuff, what’s not to love?
  • The book kept me interested, and honestly, with some of the crap that’s coming out these days that is a compliment. I can’t count the amount of books I’ve (thankfully) picked up from the library only to put back down because they weren’t good.
  • The vampires in this book don’t suck (punny!) as much as some other vampires I’ve read. This is good and bad. Good because they aren’t sparkly and girly like SOME vampires I know of, but bad because the book includes vampires. I KNOW it’s a book about supernatural, but the SUPERNATURAL is ghosts, demons, spirits, etc, PARANORMAL is zombies, vampires, werewolfs, blah blah blah.
  • Finally, the characters, unfortunately, except for Dru, our heroine, are relatable and somewhat likeable. Strange, I know, that the one character you’re supposed to like I actually didn’t. I know I said she held her own and was tough and all that but it doesn’t mean I LIKED her character.


You know, a lot of people on the book review website GoodReads ( bashed this book for a lot of things I didn’t mind. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t like ‘wow, that WAS annoying’ but  I didn’t have a problem with some of the stuff.

  • For all the tough girl description this book spouted out on the cover and back, Dru, this tough as nails girl who’s supposed to take care of herself, spends a lot of time crying. A LOT of time crying. And moping (she even comments that she mopes too much, go figure) and not getting anything really productive done. What happened to all the ‘down to business, I’ve got a plan’ mentality? Out the window I suppose.
  • WAY too much inner dialogue. The character is quirky but she likes to smell stuff. Seriously, you think I’m kidding. Skim through the book and tell me she doesn’t describe tons of things by their smell. Scent is a good tool for description but unless you’re a dog, or a werewolf, I guess, then it shouldn’t be used so much.

On the same note as dogs, the author uses the verb barking in the strangest way I’ve seen it. Ever.

“My arm barked against the door”

“I barked my butt on the ground”

“My back barked in pain”

Yeah…it’s like she’s wearing clothes made of live dogs (a disturbing image) and flinging them into things until they…bark?

But Dru does spend too much time thinking and not enough talking, acting…actually getting anything done…just a suggestion. That’s it.

  • This is a personal vendetta. Dru is supposed to be an athletic, ready for anything, in shape girl, and yet when the action starts so does she—she starts complaining. All her aches and pains. And her back, heavens above, she goes on about how much her back aches. I thought you were working out! Or were you just saying you were and skipping out, huh? Coming back to bite you now isn’t it?

If it hurts so much go see a chiropractor.

  • Finally, probably the one that doesn’t really hurt the story, but just irks me. Personal opinion is all and isn’t that what these reviews are all about? Me telling you what I like and don’t like, and you hating me for it?


Seriously. I’ve seen this in other books and every time it doesn’t make sense. It’s like Microsoft Word’s spellchecker went down and the author was like:

“OH MY GOSH THE SPELLCHECKER IS DOWN! What am I going to do? I can’t remember how to spell werewolf! Was it Wherewolf, or warwelf or…


No, it does not make them unique. It makes you look like you didn’t pass 3rd grade spelling or didn’t do your homework on mythical creatures.

So, in review:

Werewolf does not equal Wulfen

Fairy does not equal Farie

Unicorn does not equal Unikorn.

Okay, so nobody’s used the last one yet but I bet they will. It’ll be in the next unicorn death survival post apocalyptic series or whatever.

That’s my rant. Decent book, but it suffers from the same things that a lot of books in the same vein suffer from and doesn’t really do anything new. The main character is not as strong as we are led to believe and relies on the two boys (go figure, a werewolf and a vampire; are you listening Stephanie Meyers?) and not enough on herself. Typical book and it’s okay.


It’s like this movie knew what I was thinking…


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