Believe it or not…

I’m actually writing something. 

Remember that time I published a post saying I was working on a new book? Yeah, THAT was a while ago.

But I have finished. Mostly. Right now it’s in the final review stages(AKA my mom and some friends are reading it) and I’ll be querying soon.

For those of you who have written a book and tried to, or gotten it published, how did that work for you? What was your method? 

I tried querying the first book I wrote, and though I can see why they rejected it (trust me, I can see why they rejected it) I’m sure I was still doing something with the querying process wrong. Any insight?

For those interested in knowing what the book is about:

The almost-but-not-quite-fully-decided-on-title:

Wizards of Midnight Shadows Street. 

It’s an Urban/ YA Fantasy for Middle Grade all the way up to YA.

For now I’m still working on perfecting the query, but when I’m finished I’ll pitch it here and see if anybody has anything to say about it. Now I’m just building ‘buzz’, which I suppose agents like to see apparently, according to some people, I guess.

Until I actually finish the query.



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