Bored as a Board at Colleg–Wait, that’s a horrible title…let me try aga–

Welcome to my first blog post from the city of Denton, a city with its own unique flavor of citizens and quirks!

Behold! A city where one can observe the Hipster in its natural habitat!

Behold! A city whose one-way streets, random STOP signs and horrendous traffic would make any car insurance company weep with joy!

Behold! A city where things unusual and odd are considered normal and mundane!


Coming to a city near you if you come to visit this city…here…in Denton!

You get the idea.

But I do love Denton, or technically UNT if you want to get really specific. The shift from Tarleton to UNT has been described as overwhelming by yours truly. I suddenly come from


To this


And from looking at this

Cows in field 1

To…this? I can kind of see the similarities…


Before anybody gets any ideas, I do not, contrary to some of my past rants, hate Stephenville. In fact I miss parts of it. I miss the simplicity and I miss the empty open roads and I miss the fact that you can drive anywhere without worrying about getting hit by a car or hitting a herd of pedestrians who feel like walking across the street whenever and wherever they feel like it.

I do not regret going to Tarleton at all. I had some of the best times of my life there.

That being said, Denton holds more of my interests. Which leads me to the topic of this blog post: Being bored in college.

Those words should not be used in the same sentence.

See, coming from Stephenville has given me some fantastic insight that other kids who went straight to UNT don’t have. For example, there is NEVER ‘nothing to do’ and, ‘You don’t know how good you’ve got it’, among other things.

Anybody who says that makes me mentally punch them in the face.

I have experienced ‘nothing to do’ in Stephenville where, trust me, there is often times nothing going on and nothing to do unless you like drinking and country music.

Denton has so much to offer in the ways of dining, entertainment and, my personal favorite since they were a rare commodity at my other university, school sponsored activities. Here are some ways to get involved and meet new people, coming from a guy who came in to a new school halfway through his senior year of college. Wow, that sounds a lot worse than when I said it in my head.

Meet People in Your Classes:

Admittedly this is not where I have met a majority of friends but some find this easy. Obviously you share the same interest in your taste of classes…or you’re just taking the class to satisfy your major in which case you should still have the same interests…or you’re taking Calculus because it’s fun which is the point when both of you need to rethink your life.

I have gotten much better at randomly talking to strangers but in class I find it rather difficult. I’ll still chat up the occasional person but I guess I’m more focused on the point of being there which is to get the credit and get out.

School Organizations:

Here’s the biggie. A surefire way to have something to do in school. There are over 400 organizations on UNT’s campus. $))!—I mean—400! That’s a lot!

I’ve heard a couple of people say they couldn’t find an organization they want to join. I say that’s crap. Surely you can find ONE club out of FOUR HUNDRED that you wouldn’t mind joining. If there isn’t one you like then make it up.

There are religious clubs, art clubs, frats, sororities, athletic clubs and yes, even a club at UNT called Bored in Denton which I understand does not really mean they’re bored in Denton because it is just a clever name but when I saw it I was irked so much I decided to write this post about NOT being bored in Denton.

You’ll meet people who not only have the same interests as you, but with whom you can be involved in during the week and weekends at events focusing on something you enjoy doing.

Schools usually have a list of clubs on their website so go check it out.

Last but Not (Kind of) Least:

Check out what the city’s doing. Especially with a city as lively as Denton there’s always something going on. Events, festivals, showcases, the square, they’re not hard to find once you start looking.

Even in Stephenville there was a city calendar listing all the major events going on for that month. Granted, there was hardly anything on theirs but it’s the thought that counts.

Go see what’s going on in the city. Sometimes there will even be another club similar to the one you joined on campus, so if you want to join a second Creative writing club off campus (psshhh…what weirdo does that? (I do!) then you could do that. Not only is there probably something going on almost every day, but it’s a great way to get out and see the place you’re living.

These are just a few ways to get more involved. Obviously there are more. If anybody reads this they can put their favorite ways to get more involved in school. Though I know this only applies to people who are actually in school and not people who have jobs and/or kids and have NO problem finding things to do…


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