Living and (Hopefully) Learning

I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog entitled: Live and Learn. It’s all about the experiences I’ve had, good and bad, and what I’ve discovered from them.

And this series is going to encompass all of one whole post since I don’t learn much.

Live and don't learn


Lesson #1:

Just because you went to kollege college, doesn’t mean you no know everything:

Something I knew deep, deep in the back of my mind, but never wanted to accept. I mean, come on, I have a freaking BACHALOR’s  BACHELOR’s degree, I know what I’m doing, right?


Somebody please agree with me. I learned on the very first day of both the internship I did over the summer, and the job I have now how wrong I was. Book smarts are all fine and good until you hit the street. Then experience reigns. And if you haven’t used that information from the freshman level Anatomy class you had five years ago then POOF! It vanishes into the Realm of Obscurity until it has to be dredged up again.

Now, going to college is not a bad thing at all. College lays the foundation on which everything else is built after. Some don’t need it and that’s fine.

What’s wrong is thinking all this schooling automatically makes you A) Know exactly what you want to do after school, and B) Know everything you need for life.

Definitely not.


Lesson #2:

Trips ALWAYS go as planned. (Note: the previous sentence is loaded with oodles of sarcasm)


This lesson came as a double wammy on my drive up to Washington. First off, the pass I was supposed to drive through in Glacier National Park was closed due to snow. PShh! Snow? What’s that?

This forced me to drive hours back to where I had come from and put me half a day behind. Always check the conditions of where you’re going, especially if nature and construction are involved.

Secondly, my trusty dusty truck, with over 150,000 miles on it, FINALLY decided to break (’bout time). Because of this I was stranded in such an obscure place that Triple A, a tow truck company and the government’s Predator Drones couldn’t locate me.

I was already a half a day late and I needed to be in Washington the next day. But…things didn’t work out that way. I literally couldn’t go anywhere. There was no use stressing about it, no use complaining (for long), things were just going to be the way they were, and I would have to live with it. It made me appreciate the trip I was on and put the brakes on rushing too far ahead.

P1020649 P1020652

So those are two things I learned the hard way from my trip. Contrary to what I said earlier, I might actually have more to add later.


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