I mean, it is called a PhotoJournal. So there had better be photos from time to time or I could be sued for false advertising.

There’s a heavy abundance of beauty where I live. Both on the island itself, or in the mountains around it. But since the mountains haven’t yet thawed from their winter slumber (would they hurry up, already?) I took the time to explore the nooks and crannies of this lovely island.

So, included here is some south Whidbey Island, and the multitude of back roads, wineries, and general sunniness it includes.


  Of course gotta have a pic of my mode of transportation.



The cool thing about Whidbey Wineries is that almost all of them are actually based out of peoples’ homes. So this is a house with the winery in the back. Pretty snazzy place.





More flowers! Achoo!


So this picture isn’t actually on Whidbey, but it’s a cat chilling in an antique shop, so what’s not to love?


Until next time.


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