In the Depths of Darkness Contest Placement and Oh Yeah Who Doesn’t Like Free Stuff, amIrite?

Popping on in for a quick little update. I’m happy to (humblebrag) announce that my YA sci-fi, In the Depths of Darkness, which you may have seen before if you’ve spent any time at all perusing my site (subtle I am not), has placed in the top ten in the San Francisco Writing Conference Writing Contest! The contest’s name is a little repetitive sounding, but oh well.

Will I place 1st in the YA/MG category? Will I place first overall? Will I ever stop asking you rhetorical questions that you can’t possibly know the answer to unless you’re on the judging committee? (If you are, contact me, I have bribes).

Find out these questions and more…later! The winners will be announced on the 17th of this month (Feb), and I’ll be announcing whether I win or lose on my author Facebook page, so if you haven’t swooped on over to check that out here ya go:


Ah! There I am! I’m like a parent whose kid got a speaking part in the school play.

On a somewhat similar yet completely separate note, said top ten placement book is FREE today only on Amazon! Yes indeed, go grab it while it’s hot!


The power of glowering young men compel you…

Until next time…





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