Popping on in for a quick little update. I’m happy to (humblebrag) announce that my YA sci-fi, In the Depths of Darkness, which you may have seen before if you’ve spent any time at all perusing my site (subtle I am not), has placed in the top ten in the San Francisco Writing Conference Writing Contest! The contest’s name is a little repetitive sounding, but oh well.

Will I place 1st in the YA/MG category? Will I place first overall? Will I ever stop asking you rhetorical questions that you can’t possibly know the answer to unless you’re on the judging committee? (If you are, contact me, I have bribes).

Find out these questions and more…later! The winners will be announced on the 17th of this month (Feb), and I’ll be announcing whether I win or lose on my author Facebook page, so if you haven’t swooped on over to check that out here ya go: https://www.facebook.com/seannfletcher/


Ah! There I am! I’m like a parent whose kid got a speaking part in the school play.

On a somewhat similar yet completely separate note, said top ten placement book is FREE today only on Amazon! Yes indeed, go grab it while it’s hot! https://t.co/8wjcssNkg


The power of glowering young men compel you…

Until next time…





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