Sean’s Street Team

In my Depths of Darkness series, Alyx and his teammates live by a code: watch each other’s backs, no matter what. That holds true whether in peace time, or in the middle of a firefight: We take care of our own. That’s the kind of mentality I envision for Sean’s Street Team. A relationship between the author (me) and a group of passionate, voracious readers who want to help get the word out about my books, and in return get awesome stuff.

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What being on my Street Team will involve:

  • Telling everyone you know about my books to help spread the word. This can be friends, family, or that random guy down on the street corner who’s just trying to get to work without someone bothering him.
  • Buy the books the first week they come out—this helps immensely in getting them on the bestseller list.
  • Leave reviews for the books as soon as possible on online retailers. With your honest thoughts, of course!
  • Try to promote the books anywhere you can, be that libraries, coffee shops, etc. Basically, wherever you feel comfortable.
  • Post on social media about the books when they release, as well as join and help out with any big book announcements

What’s in it for you? Other than my eternal gratitude.

You will get an exclusive insider’s looks into my writing, book goodies, private giveaways, private contests, signed author stuff, swag, deleted scenes and more that nobody else is getting. Plus:

  • A private Facebook group where you can engage with me whenever. Basically ask questions, give thoughts, talk about the books, give input on covers etc.
  • Early release ARC copies on my latest release
  • A chance to win autographed copies of books (both paperback and ebook), bookmarks, postcards, and more
  • Ask the author sessions via Facebook, and Facebook parties
  • A chance to be a beta reader for any new titles and have your input in my next book, whether I’m self-publishing it or pitching to agents.

Like any good relationship, my street team is a mutual one. I love my fans, but I also want them to love me, so please only join if you are truly passionate and willing to help out with promoting my books.

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